A wedding is a service of worship during which a couple makes vows of marriage and faithfulness to one another in the presence of family and friends, and in the sight of God.  To help prepare a couple for a wedding, our pastor meets with them at least four or five times over a period of weeks or months before the wedding.  This is a time of spiritual preparation as well, during which a couple is expected to make worship part of their lives.  During these weeks the couple’s relationship and their models of marriage are explored, and a wedding service is designed.  The goal is to help a couple come to their wedding day fully invested and prepared to make vows of marriage in God’s sight, and to have those vows witnessed and celebrated by family and friends.

Speak to our pastor well in advance to schedule a wedding, to learn the financial costs involved, and to begin the wedding preparation process.  You do not need to be a member of First Reformed Church to have a wedding here, but because preparing for a wedding is a time-consuming process, priority is given to people who are active in the life of the congregation.

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