Joan Nicole Prince Home


Photo of Joan Nicole Prince Home

The Joan Nicole Prince home provides a safe, comfortable and caring residence for people who have the fewest options and least amount of support during their final days. Over the course of one year, 15 to 20 people are expected to pass through its doors.

Volunteers and staff provide care 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week serving as “family” for residents of the home, which is located at 22 Glenview Drive in Scotia, New York.

The Joan Nicole Prince home works in collaboration with the Community Hospice to provide medical care for each individual. The love that fills this home is amazing and the love that has surrounded the home through the generosity of the community is awe-inspiring.

The people that enter the home change the lives of everyone who shares in this unique and special family. On the first day it opened, a small group gathered at the foot of a ramp leading into the home. Water was sprinkled on the doorway, marking the new beginnings of the home and its first resident. Words of thanksgiving were said, touching each heart. It was an emotional moment as members of Ms. B’s new family welcomed her. “A live alone” in Schenectady with no one to help her during her final few months, Ms. B was overwhelmed by the kindness and concern that greeted her.

On a morning one month later, Ms. B sat at the bright dining room table eating breakfast that the volunteers had prepared for her. She had the care and companionship that she lacked at home. She was safe, comfortable and secure. Every day she told the many volunteers who were now her family that she wished she could express in words the gratitude and love she felt in her heart for everyone at the Joan Nicole Prince Home.

In the room next to Ms. B, another volunteer was gently shaving the face of another resident. His wife of 72 years was expected in an hour and the team wanted him to look handsome for this visit. The tender care he receives from the volunteers is a testament to the love and compassion that fills each day at the home.

Please consider becoming part of our family through your time, treasure or talent.

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