Hall & Room Rental

We may make our buildings and grounds available to groups sponsored by First Reformed Church of Scotia and to groups affiliated with the Reformed Church in America and may also make them available to other ecumenical, cultural, civic or community organizations as guided by our Congregation’s Covenant, as well as to people of our congregation for their private use. We do not make our church’s buildings and grounds available to either commercial or private organizations for activities conducted for profit.

Individuals or groups wishing to use the buildings or grounds must complete and sign a facility use form.  The church’s building and grounds will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if scheduling conflicts arise, priority will be given to the groups and activities of First Reformed Church and/or the Reformed Church in America. Furthermore, Brink Hall will generally not be available on Saturday evenings except for groups and activities of First Reformed Church.

If you would like to request a date, please call the office (518) 370-4751, or fill out the form below.  Please review the full Building Use Policies prior to requesting a date and space.  Weddings: require consultation with a pastor.

Room Use Request

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